How to Travel My Room

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How to Travel in My Room

Do you remember the scent of an unfamiliar place? Nowadays, when you can’t leave the house as much as you want, how about searching for memories with the scent of fresh citrus, elegant rose, and heavy wood?

In this “How to Travel My Room” post, I will take a look at room sprays as a way to add a fragrance to my room of a moment of a happy trip.



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*All fragrance products are best to test on your own*

Aesop Osiswing Room Spray aesop

It is a room spray from the brand Aesop. It is a loved product for its refreshing fragrance.

It is also famous for its heavy wood scent, which makes you feel like you are in a moist forest. It is also spicy, so it’s good for those who like a slightly tangy scent!


Osiswing Diptyque Baies Room Spray

This is Diptyque‘s room spray, famous for its long lasting scent.

The scent of Diptyque has a charm that makes you look back. Especially the rose scent is very nice because the last note remains lightly. So let me introduce Baies Room Spray, which has a rich rose scent. It is warm and elegant with a musk scent. Try enjoying this scent in two ways: a strong top note, and a light last note.


Osiswing DEEPERENCE Mandarin Perfume Mood Perfume

It is a room spray from DEEPERENCE with an elegant fragrance that adds the scent of rose leaves to the freshness of mandarin orange.

This product is great because it can be used in various ways such as hair, body, and room. Rather than being very refreshing, it has a slightly bitter orange scent, so it feels deeper.


osiswing 284 Tamburins Mood Perfume

It is a mood perfume from Tamburines that has a scent of orange and bay leaves.

The spiciness of frankincense(olibanum) that is felt through the sweet and bitter scent adds a heavy feeling to the overall scent. I think it’s a neutral and heavy scent that you can smell when you enter a famous select shop, and it’s a good scent for changing the atmosphere.

How to Travel With Fragrance!

You may not be able to fully feel the joy and excitement of traveling, but you can enjoy reminiscing the scent of that moment in your own room! Try travelling your room with a mood perfume 🙂



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