How To Use Coffee Grounds 100%

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How To Use Coffee Grounds 100%

Nowadays, it is difficult to go to cafes.
Therefore, the number of people who enjoy coffee at home(“home cafes”) is increasing. The number of machines bought for coffee such as hand drip machines, coffee machines, and capsule machines are also on the rise.

If your machine uses coffee beans, coffee grounds are made, but you cannot just throw them away! So, I brought some nice like hacks that can be used 100%.

1. Remove Grease

You can remove grease with coffee grounds. Everyone probably have experienced using with a lot of detergent when washing dishes or frying pans with lots of grease. In this case, try using coffee grounds. After wiping the frying pan once with a kitchen towel, sprinkle some coffee grounds, wipe it off with a soft sponge scrubber, and rinse with water.

Then the slippery grease disappears. In addition to dishes, wash the sink in kitchen or the sink in the bathroom from time to time with coffee grounds. Use some baking powder together and wipe it off after about 5 minutes to see a clean sink.

2. Natural Fertilizer

Companion planting is very popular these days. Many people grow indoor air purification plants or interior plants. Then, the coffee grounds can be usefully utilized. Because coffee grounds can be used as a natural fertilizer! Coffee grounds are rich in minerals and vitamins such as nitrogen, sodium, and phosphorus.

Don’t just throw it away, let’s give them to the plants as a gift. It provides nutrients and controls moisture, and prevents insects from forming. However, spraying and watering too much can lead to mold formation. Everything in moderation~ For a healthier and more vibrant plant!

3. Exfoliation

During the winter, our skin becomes more dry and flaky. Especially our heels, elbows, and ankles. Coffee grounds are excellent for exfoliating. However, avoid using them on your face. Since the face is sensitive skin, it can cause trouble, so use it only on the dead skin area of the body.

The method is very simple. Put the coffee grounds on the area and rub it gently. As a natural exfoliator, the effect is much better than expected.

4. Remove Odor

Everyone knows that coffee beans are good for removing bad smell. Coffee beans are always placed in the bathrooms of cafes! Coffee grounds used as a deodorant are put in unwearable stockings or cotton cloth. Putting them in shoe racks, closets, refrigerators, toilets, and cars has the effect of absorbing odors and moisture.

The coffee grounds are more active in contact with the air than the original coffee beans. So, the coffee smell spreads well in the surrounding area, and well-dried coffee grounds also act as dehumidifier.

5. Reduce Cellulite

Now, I’m curious if anyone has tried this. Mix coffee grounds with honey, apply it like a pack on your legs or arms, and massage. Then it is said that it has the effect of reducing cellulite..! If you’ve tried it, please leave a comment!

6. Remove Food Odor

Anyone who enjoys cooking will know it well. The smell of food from your hands after cooking. Smell that doesn’t disappear even if you wash it clean with soap! In this case, gently rub your hands with coffee grounds.

Be careful because rubbing hard will irritate your skin. This will remove food odor and also have a scrub effect, so you can make your hands softer.

And a life hack tip! Put coffee grounds in the microwave, a collector of various food odors, for about 2 minutes to clear the smell. Really good, right?

7. Pesticide

In summer, it is a war against bugs. Sprinkling coffee grounds near the trash can or in the sink can help remove odors and prevent flying insects. It is also effective in getting rid of cockroaches.

Put coffee grounds in a piece of cloth and hang it in your room. Mosquitoes and flies will not approach. Even for camping, a popular outdoor activity these days, coffee grounds are useful. Cut a can, put the beans, and burn it over the fire. No more mosquitoes. A way to avoid mosquito bites!

8. Polish and Prevent Rust

Coffee beans contain oil. You can also see the crema(oil component) rising when you make espresso. You can use this oil to create a gloss effect.

Wrap the coffee grounds in a cloth and gently rub it over a brown furniture. You can also remove rust by rubbing it on a rusted knife or pot.

So far, we have looked at various methods of using coffee grounds 100%. There are many cafes that offer free coffee grounds, so don’t throw them away and let’s try use them.

How To Use Coffee Grounds 100% by Been

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