How Do You Style Your Hair?

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IT’S HERE ! Hair styling Item

In winter, where there are many thick and monotonous clothes, colorful accessories are eventually covered by the outer. In this case, how about adding a hair accessory on your head and styling it rather than wearing many different accessories?





osiswing hair styling item jennie headband hairband

This hair band is the most fashionable and the easiest to style.

It can be worn in all seasons. It comes in various colors, materials, and patterns, so there are many choices! A hair band with a bold shape and color like Black Pink Jennie’s goes well everything.






osiswing hair styling item Rosé hairpin hairpin hairpin hairpin

It’s a hair pin that gives a retro and French-like feeling. It is a hair styling item that matches not only basic styling but fancy styling.

If you use a large accessory like Blank Pink Rosé, you can also make your face look smaller! You can complete a vintage yet elegant mood!






osiswing hair styling item scrunchie hairband scrunchie

Also know as Scrunchie! With just one scrunchie, you can style your hair in many different ways.

Rather than tying with special care, you can naturally untie and tie your hair with your hands for a cool and lovely mood. Become fancy within 30 seconds with this magical scrunchie.



A good hair accessory to give a styling point! You can complete it in one minute. It would be nice to have it as a daily item, right? Don’t leave this trend 👏🏻





ilsanghabo womensshoppingmall headband hairband velvet accessory accessory
@Women’s Shopping Mall ‘Ilsanghabo’ Velvet Headband


It’s an elegant velvet-textured headband with a subtle gloss, and the slightly toned-down colors go well with winter.



ilsanghabo womensshoppingmall headband hairband hair item accessory
@Women’s Shopping Mall ‘Ilsanghabo’ Wrinkle Velvet Headband


It is a hairband made of corduroy material with small wrinkles that is perfect for the winter.

Hairband is an item that can be easily styled for both short hair and long hair.



ilsanghabo womensshoppingmall tweed pearl hair accessory styling item
@Women’s Shopping Mall ‘Ilsanghabo’ Masha Tweed Ribbon Hair Clip


Along with the returning trend of tweed jackets, tweed accessories are in the trend too. You can create a feminine and neat look with a large ribbon and luxurious-looking pearl.



hair styling women shoppingmall hair ilsanghabo womensshoppingmall
@Women’s Shopping Mall ‘Ilsanghabo’ Falling Straight Hair Clip


It is a very colorful hair clip. Wear two of them together to make a unique style!



ilsanghabo womensshoppingmall scrunchie hairband scrunchie
@Women’s Shopping Mall ‘Ilsanghabo’ Crunchie Color Combinated Hairband


velvet pearl ilsanghabo daily like life a pictorial
@Women’s Shopping Mall ‘Ilsanghabo’ Winslet Pearl Hairband


It is a scrunchie that can be used for both long and short hair. If you use it on a ponytail or raised hair, you can create a sporty and youthful mood, and if you tie it down neatly like a low bun, you can create a feminine and lovely look.



How about adding brightness to the monotonous winter outfit by using hair accessories with colorful colors or patterns? 🙂




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