The 5 Best Family Movies on Netflix to watch together!

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What is the best thing to do when you’re stuck at home and bored? Watch Netflix with your family!

Now we are spending more time at home, and do a lot of things with kids… But, it’s so physically painful to play with my child these days 🙁
Actually, I think all Moms feel this way…
Personally, I like watching movies, so I’m going to introduce you some Netflix’s films, which are great to watch with kids together.
I watched all of them and think they are very funny. 🙂 🙂 🙂

The 5 best movies on Netflix to watch with kids right now!


Source : NETFLIX

There are the happiest trolls in the world, singing and dancing every day!
Conversely, there are most unhappy Bergens in the world too.
Bergens discovered that if they eat trolls, they become a little happier. After the evil Bergens invade Troll Village, Princess Poppy, the happiest troll ever born, set off on a journey to rescue her friends.

When the lovely trolls were dancing and singing, I became happy with them.
The happiness cannot be defined by something, it can be felt according to how you think! This is the lesson of this cartoon 🙂

I recommend this movie because it would be good to watch with children and talk about happiness!!


Source : NETFLIX

Bread Barbershop is a popular attraction in a peaceful bakery town.
Bread is a genius barber who brilliantly solves the problems and concerns of various cute bakery characters!

Parody that only adults can understand and elements of black comedy are added, so it’s more fun to watch with the whole family 🙂

Actually, this cartoon is really popular these days!. Even Pulmuone released a set of toys in a collaboration with the Bread Barbershop.
So, I think It would be a great idea to make some cookies with kids after watching the Bread Barbershop 🙂

Source : Pulmuone Toy Cookies

Oh, right! I’ve got good news! If you are really a fan of Bread Barbershop, you will like it 100%!
The kidswear brand Ozkiz also collaborated with Bread Barbershop!

Source : OZKIZ

Choose the clothes of your favorite character, wear them, and the fun will be doubled! I promise 🙂
Brand announced that more Bread Barbershop collaborated clothes will be released, but now only 3 types of man-to-man and 1 type of girl’s dress are available.
I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of clothes will come out 🙂

(Click here to purchase the Ozkiz x Bread Barbershop clothes)


Source : NETFLIX

Matilda is a 1997 movie that I have watched a few times 🙂 It’s fun from beginning to end 👍👍👍
Matilda is a lovely girl and has super powers~
So, this is a stiry about solving the terrible things happening around the main character with a smart mind and these super powers!

It was a movie that made me think that there are some B-class comedy parts, which would be emotionally bad for kids,
(Because in the film happen things that in no case should happen in reality).
But I, and all my family members enjoyed it because Matilda solved all problems in a very smart way 🙂

If you want to have fun, this film is the perfect one to watch! I really recommend Matilda 🙂


Source : NETFLIX

It’s a hero movie that everyone loves!
What kind of life are the heroes’ children living?

You can find the answer on this question if watch the “We Can Be Heroes”.

First of all, it’s a movie that really was made for kids 🙂 That means, it is a little bit childish for adults.
So, the story is about hero children using super powers to save their hero parents 🙂

It’s childish, but it’s a movie that you can enjoy with your kids!


Source : NETFLIX

First of all, I need to mention that our Robert Downey Jr. stars as the title character in Dr. Dolittle 🙂 I can’t day it without smiling!
This story is about Doctor Dolittle, the protagonist, which has a mysterious ability to communicate with animals.

One day he was disconnected from the world by the sadness of losing his wife,
However, the news that the Queen has an incurable disease changed the situation, because, only Dr. Doolittle can actually help save the ailing Queen Victoria.

It is a movie about an adventure with animal friends to heal the Queen’s disease!

As the main character and animals talked, the children’s immersion was the best.. (The animals’ CG acting is really the best :))

Frankly speaking, I watched the move beacuse of the main character, and the children watched it because they were obsessed with the content 🙂
Movie decorations should be mentioned here too, they are just great!

Done! I’ve finally introduced to you my 5 Best Movies on Netflix to watch with family. Enjoy it 🙂
And I’m sure you will have fun at home 🙌

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