How to Take Care of Winter Knits

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How to Take Care of Winter Knits

Hello~ I am OZKIZ’s Marketer Been.
The weather has become very cold these days.
Now it’s really the season of knitwear!

I buy it every year, but knits are difficult to wear for a long time.
Even by just knowing how to take care of them well, you will be able to wear them every winter~
Today I will introduce how to take care of your winter knits.

1. Storage Method


If you hang the knit on a hanger, it stretches in that shape.
So, it’s good to fold the knit flat and store it.
If your closet space is tight, try wrapping the knit loosely for storage.

Also, after going out wearing a knit,
take it off and dust it off, then hang it flat on a drying rack or chair
allow the humidity to fly away.
Because knit absorbs moisture well
mold and silverfish may appear.

Especially for knits containing cashmere,
put a parchment paper or newspaper between clothes.
You can use a dehumidifier to wear it for a long time too.

When you wear knitwear in winter, there is a lot of static electricity.
steam iron can come in handy and you can spray the steam on the knit, but
it’s annoying to do it every time you wear it.
It’s also good to spray fiber deodorant.

2. Washing Method

The first thing to check before washing your knit!
You have to look at the label to see if you need to hand wash or dry clean.
Surprisingly, there are many materials that can be hand washed, so it is easy to manage.

– Hand Wash
Hand wash with wool shampoo in lukewarm water for 10 minutes.
It is important to press gently.
Wool knits should be washed in cold water!

– Dry at Home
You can’t always take them to the laundry store every time, so try dry cleaning at home.
Put 5 grams of home dry detergent in lukewarm water,
rub for 3 to 5 minutes while soaking.
Then, after gently washing, dry it.
Very easy, right?
It’s easy to see the dry cleaning effect at home!
Dry cleaning at home can be used not only for knits, but also for natural fibers, wool, and silk materials.

The temperature of the water is best when lukewarm or cold.
Because the knit can shrink
try not to change the water temperature rapidly, but try to keep the same temperature while washing.

– Washing Machine
Usually washing machines have a ‘wool course’ function, right?
However, that is not a safe way.
So I recommend hand washing as much as possible!
If you need to use a washing machine, put the knit inside-out and put it in a laundry net.

– Spin-Dry
Don’t rub or twist too much.
It’s good to dry it while tapping it with a towel.
Then lay it flat on a drying rack and dry it.

3. Lint Removal


If you have a lint shaver, you can use that.
However, there is also a way to remove lint without a shaver~
Disposable shaving razors and eyebrow razors are also useful!

Scratching the knit directly with a blade can damage it.
It is good to remove the lint after steaming enough.
If you don’t have a steamer, you can spray a mixture of water and fabric softener on the sprayer.

The point is! According to the knitted direction of the knit
just gently scratch~ the outside!
If there is a lot of lint, you can steam it and then cut out only that part with scissors.

4. Shrunk Knit

Put 2 pumps of fabric softener or hair conditioner in lukewarm water
and soak the knit for 30 minutes.
After that, it stretches easily if you stretch it in the direction the knit is knitted.

5. Stretched Knit

On the other hand, what should we do with a stretched knit?
After washing the knit in hot water
iron at high temperature.
The iron must not touch the clothes directly,
please keep a distance of about 1cm~

So far, we have looked at different methods of how to take care of your knit~
It’s a bit tricky to take care of your knit, but
it’s warm and pretty, so it’s a must for winter!
Let’s take good care of the pretty knit and wear it every year!

How to Take Care of Winter Knits by Been

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