Unfinished COVID-19, How To Manage Your Immune System

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Unfinished COVID-19, How To Manage Your Immune System

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With the prolonged COVID-19 outbreak, the importance of managing immune system is increasing.
Immunity refers to the action or condition of an organism whose immune system is premised to fight infection or disease, and kill or incapacitate pathogens. It acts to defend against invading harmful microorganisms.
When your immunity decreases, fatigue will come first.
Even if you didn’t overdo something and didn’t do any other activities, there are times when your body sags and loses strength.
In this case, you can get a cold and your joints may hurt. So, it is recommended to keep a healthy body by knowing various methods to increase immunity.

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First, get some nice sleep.

Lack of sleep significantly reduces your immunity. You can end up catching a cold or flu, and break your circadian rhythm.
As there is a saying, ‘Sleep is a Medicine,’ getting a good night’s sleep for more than 7 hours a day is beneficial to your health.
This is because white blood T cells, which remove virus-infected cells and regulate immune function, become active during sleep.
In addition, cortisol, the stress hormone, is reduced. In particular, melatonin, which helps the immune system, is secreted strongly from 11PM to 3AM. Therefore, it is recommended that you sleep during these hours.

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Second, relieve your stress.

Stress is the source of all diseases, weakening the body’s immune system, losing defense against infectious diseases, and causing depression or anxiety mentally.
With the increased stress from the COVID-19, it’s a good idea to focus on credible information and share your negative feelings with family or friends.
It is recommended to use your own stress relief method and do some light stretching, meditation or hobbies that you can do at home.

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Third, chew on your food for a long time.

The longer you chew food, the more nutrients you absorb and improve your immunity.
In addition, body temperature rises and blood circulation becomes smooth. This helps to activate immune cells.

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Fourth, drink lots of liquid and get some sunlight.

Proper hydration will boost your body’s immunity and boost your metabolism.
In addition, vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, which is produced through the sun.
That is why it is recommended to take a walk in the sun for about 15 to 20 minutes from 10AM to 3PM, as it is the most sunny period.

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Fifth, create a balanced diet.

It is important to develop a balanced dietary habit such as meat, fish, seafood, chicken, vegetables, and fruits.

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Sixth, maintain your body temperature.

Studies have shown that if your body temperature decreases by even just one degree, your immunity decreases by 30%.
If body temperature drops, blood circulation is not smooth and immunity decreases, so please maintain body temperature by taking a lower-body bathing or exercising.

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