Can You Maintain A Young Skin By Consuming Collagen?

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Collagen is a key structure of our skin and plays a role in maintaining elasticity.
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You may have heard that one of the nutrients related to skin aging is collagen. Let’s see why collagen is so popular. Collagen is a key structure that makes up 80 – 90% of our skin. It connects cells tightly to maintain elasticity and is an important factor in determining skin thickness, skin texture, and elasticity. Not only the skin but also the joints, muscles, and gums are mostly made up of collagen.

Collagen has decreases by 1% every year since a person’s 20s. In the 40s, it drops to half the level, but if you want to keep your skin young, you need to supplement or make collagen.

You can mix collagen in juice and consume it.
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Q. Is It Really Effective When You Consume Collagen?

As with other nutritional supplements, it may or may not be effective depending on the person’s condition. Some studies have reported positive effects after consuming collagen.

Q When Should We Consume Collagen?

There are nutrients that should be taken on an empty stomach, but you can take collagen at any time. Collagen is a protein that is good to eat after meals. However, nowadays collagen is a small molecule of collagen, which is a small peptide in which collagen is broken down. Therefore, it is easy to digest. There is no need to worry about whether to take it before or after meals.

Collagen can be consumed by mixing with salads and juices. If you don’t heat it, you can eat it in a variety of ways.

How Much Collagen Should We Consume?
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Q Are There Any Side Effects of Collagen?

It is said that collagen within 15 grams can be safely ingested. Mild side effects are said to cause indigestion and bloating. Most of the side effects are caused by excessive intake. Since collagen is a protein, ingesting a lot can put a strain on the kidneys.

Q What Are The Types of Collagen?

There are many places where you can get collagen. Depending on the ingredients, there are animal collagen, fish collagen, and plant collagen.

Fish collagen is the most common among the products sold in the market. The reason is that it has a higher absorption rate in the body than animal collagen because of its low-molecular form, and raw materials are readily available.

However, fish collagen has its own fishy scent, and it is said that additives are sometimes added to reduce this scent. Therefore, it is recommended to look carefully when choosing a collagen product.

Let's Eat Collagen Properly
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Collagen must be eaten properly to be effective.

If the amount of collagen provided per day is insufficient, the effect will be reduced.

You should eat 2,000 to 3,000 mg of pure collagen per day. When choosing collagen, it is recommended to choose one with a high content of pure collagen, provided once or a day.

It is recommended to consume more than 500 mg of vitamin C, which works better with it. Vitamin C helps absorb collagen.

Today, we learned about the efficacy of collagen. I hope this will help a lot before choosing collagen 🙂

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