Beauty Edition for a Special Day Like Valentine’s Day

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Do you know what day ‘February 14th’ is? It is ‘Valentine’s Day’.

In general, ‘Valentine’s Day’ is known as a day to convey your heart by giving chocolates to your favorite lovers and friends. In particular, it is very popular with the younger generation in Korea and the day presents a small excitement even during the chilly weather.

As many people are paying attention to Valentine’s Day, various beauty brands are releasing products aimed at Valentine’s Day. From now on, I would like to introduce three beauty editions for sweet Valentine’s Day.

Guerlain Rouge G Valentine Collection

It shows the excellence of Guerlain Rouge G lipstick. First, you can choose your own color. Second, you can make your own case. Third, you can have your own style of lipstick.
Source : Shinsegae Department Store Guerlain

The ‘Rouge G’ lipstick released by Guerlain is gaining popularity among many women because it has a ruby powder that gives the lips a shine and a vivid color. Not only the function of the lipstick, but also the design aspect is special.

It is said that Parisian jewelry designer Lorenz Bäumer designed the jewelry case for the lipstick himself. When you open the case with silver jewels, you can see a neat mirror inside!

The Guerlain Rouge G Valentine's Collection image is shown. It features a heart-engraved lipstick and a case with heart-shaped jewels.
Source : Guerlain

Guerlain has also launched the ‘Guerlain Rouge G Valentine Collection’ aimed at Valentine’s Day.
A cute heart engraved on the body of the lipstick, and a red heart cubic on the case with a design named ‘SPARKLING HEART’ was presented to consumers.

How about the Guerlain Rouge G Valentine Collection, which is beautiful to look at and use for this Valentine’s Day?

Etude X Hershey’s Kisses Collaboration Big Kit

The beauty product that was lauched due to the collaboration of Etude House and Hershey's Kisses is shown. You can see that a daily eye palette is combined in a Hershey's Kisses-shaped kit. You can also see the Choco Mousse Tint released on the left.
Source : Etude House

‘Etude House’, which is constantly loved by young women in their teens and 20s, and ‘HERSHEY’S’, a famous chocolate company, launched a new beauty product through collaboration.
It is a combination of an eye palette consisting of Etude’s unique daily colors with a kit that actually reminds of ‘KISSES’ chocolate.

The types of eye palettes released in collaboration between Etude House and Hershey's Kisses are introduced. From left, it is Milk Chocolate, Almond Chocolate, and Special Dark. You can choose according to your skin tone.
Source : Etude House

In fact, it is said that the pouch and palette kit are made in the shape of kisses chocolate. Also, you can smell the sweet chocolate scent.
The eye palette is also based on brown-based shadows, and the use of shades and glitters is appropriately arranged to increase utilization.
In addition, it is special that it has been released so that you can choose a color palette that suits your taste from ‘Milk Chocolate’, ‘Almond Chocolate’, and ‘Special Dark’ according to your skin tone.

It is said that the ‘Choco Mousse Tint’ with a fluffy mousse texture is also available, so this Valentine’s Day makeup is complete with one Etude Kisses Big Kit!

Lush Valentine’s Edition – Lots of Love

It is the representative logo of Lush.
Source : Lush

Lush is loved by many for its unique and beautiful design, calming scent, and eco-friendliness.
Lush, which has a strong fan base, also launched a special edition product for Valentine’s Day.
Various Valentine’s editions such as ‘Lots of Love’, ‘Love Yourself’, and ‘You’re Gorgeous’ have been released so that consumers can choose their own taste.

The 'Lots of Love' edition released as a Valentine's Edition from Lush is introduced. From the top left, the Rose Argan Massage Bar, Prince Charming Shower Gel, Love Me Do Bath Bomb, Rose Jam Bubbleroon Bubble Bar, Sex Bomb Bath Bomb, A French Kiss Bubble Bar, and the top right is the Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb.
Source : Lush

Among them, ‘Lots of Love’ is a Valentine’s Edition that is great for gifts to lovers in celebration of special occasions.
It consists of 3 types of Bath Bombs (Sex Bomb, Love Me Do, Tisty Tosty), 2 types of Bubble Bars (A French Kiss, Rose Jam Bubbleroon), 1 type of Shower Gel (Prince Charming), 1 type of Massage Bar (Rose Argan Massage Bar). In total, it consists of 7 products.

Heart-engraved package suitable for Valentine’s Day, a romantic product design that harmonizes overall in pink and purple, and a product composition based on the flower ‘rose’.

This is the perfect edition to spend a romantic time with your lover on Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day, which happens only once a year,
why don’t you try creating a sweet and romantic Valentine mood with various beauty editions?


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