Great Dishes To Make With Your Child

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Cooking with a child.
For moms, the scene of a messy kitchen will come to mind first.
Realizing the difference between reality and ideal,
you tell your child to “watch the TV while mommy is cooking,”
and press the power button of the TV or show Youtube.
Mothers also feel guilty.

A child and a mother preparing ingredients to cook.

If so, is it difficult to have the time to prepare dinner
and truly share happy moments with your child?

Great Dishes For Both Children and Mothers To Cook and Enjoy Together


Salad with vegetables, quail eggs, cherry tomatoes, and cheese in a beautifully decorated mushroom shape.

It is a dish that both mothers and children can easily and simply make.
Wash vegetables, and add cherry tomatoes and other toppings
sprinkle some dressing and you’re done.

Let’s try making the dressing by ourselves.
You can make balsamic dressing with 1:1 ratio of balsamic vinegar and olive oil
or yogurt dressing by mixing yogurt, mayonnaise, lemon juice, honey, etc.
It’s a recipe where you just need to only mix the ingredients, but
it will be the first time for the child to make something on their own
without the help of the mom from start to finish.

The child’s clothes may be wet, but just pretend you don’t know.
Don’t forget to be a thoughtful mother.


A dish made with bell pepper, mushrooms, carrots, paprika, and beef.

Japchae, a Korean dish that requires a lot of work!
There are so many ingredients to prepare, so your child can feel the joy of cooking for a long time.

Among the ingredients in Japchae, such as carrots, meat, and onions
the mom can prepare the ingredients that are difficult to cut,
and soft materials that children can easily cut
such as bell peppers, paprika, and mushrooms can be left to the child.

Vegetables cut with a sharp knife.
  • Sharp knives are dangerous to children, so use a plastic bread knife.

Prepare the boiled glass noodles while the child is preparing the ingredients.
Now put the fried ingredients and glass noodles in a large container
and let’s help mixing them with the sauce.
While tasting the food, it is good to ask the opinion of your child.
“Shall I add more sauce?”, “How is the taste?”

  • When you boil the glass noodles or stir-fry the chopped ingredients over the fire,
    keep your child away from fire.


It is not like usual pasta that is fried in a frying pan.
This is a recipe using an oven or air fryer.

A child making delicious pizza or pasta by using ingredients.

Prepare trimmed shrimp, squid and tomato sauce, pizza cheese, and boiled pasta noodles.

  • When you boil the noodles, it is best to cook only half way.

In a container for the oven or air fryer
put the boiled noodles at the bottom and add plenty of tomato sauce.
Decorate it with seafood and sprinkle it with pizza cheese,
and then cook it in the oven at 180-185 degrees for 25 minutes and you’re done.

When your child puts toppings with seafood, if you allow them to put in various shapes,
you will be able to cook more enjoyably.
It is also recommended to serve pizza with a similar cooking method.


By cooking together like this, mother and child
the child realizes the importance of sharing roles
and can develop their creativity through decorating food freely.

It may be a bit difficult for the mom to prepare the meal, but
for children, they can eat delicious food prepared with their mother.
It will be a gift-like time that feels very rewarding.

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