Fashion Brand X Character, Cute Collaboration

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Doesn’t everyone have a character that they liked when they were young?

Characters that could only be seen on TV screens in the past have been commercialized and released as various goods in recent years. Therefore, cute characters are now loved not only by young children, but also by men and women of all ages.
Then how about in the fashion industry? You can see that various fashion brands are also launching special products through collaboration with characters. Let’s take a look at the cute collaboration of Fashion Brands X Characters.

Gucci X Character (Doraemon, Disney) Collection

Gucci launched a collaboration collection with Doraemon. To welcome the year of the ox, a model is posing in a Gucci X Doraemon sweatshirt next to Doraemon that looks like a 'cow'. In the model's hand, there is a Gucci bag with a Doraemon pattern on it.
Source : Gucci

Gucci is one of the brands that launches a lot of various collaboration products.
Doraemon is a Japanese anime character that is constantly loved regardless of gender and age.
On the 50th anniversary of Doraemon, Gucci launched a collaboration collection with Doraemon.
It is also very interesting that the appearance of Doraemom was made like “cow” in 2021, which is the year of the ox.

It is a wallet from the collection launched in collaboration between Gucci and Disney. You can see Donald Duck on the Gucci wallet.
Source : Gucci

Gucci has already collaborated with Disney and launched a collection featuring Donald Duck on a variety of products such as wallets, bags and shoes.

Loewe X Totoro Collection

This is a photo shoot of Loewe and Totoro's collaboration collection. The photo shoot in harmony with nature, which really matches the image of Totoro, the spirit of the forest, is impressive. A woman's back is reflected in the transparent Totoro painting. The woman is wearing three Loewe bags depicting Totoro.
Source : Loewe

Loewe may be a bit unfamiliar because it is a famous brand in duty-free shops rather than domestic department stores, but it is a luxury clothing and accessories brand in Spain.
Loewe also launched a collaboration product with cute Japanese characters.
It was a collaboration with Totoro from ‘My Neighbor Totoro,’ the work of ‘Ghibli Studio,’ which is loved by many people.
In line with Totoro’s image as the spirit of the forest, you can see the impressive photo shoot in harmony with nature.

Omega X Snoopy Character Watch

You can see the watch that Omega and Snoopy collaborated with. Snoopy is drawn on the board of the clock, and Snoopy's picture is largely drawn on the left side of the clock.
Source : Omega

Omega is a well-known Swiss luxury watch brand.
Drawing a character on clothing is a common thing, but it might seem a bit too much for an accessory and a cartoon character to collaborate.
Omega, a watch-specialized brand, has created a unique expression of cuteness that is not excessive by drawing Snoopy on the board.

Coach X Mickey Mouse Collection

We can see the bag that Coach and Mickey Mouse collaborated with. The red coach bag has ears that resemble Mickey Mouse, and a Mickey Mouse tag.
Source : Coach

Coach launched a collaboration product with Mickey Mouse.
Mickey Mouse has been working with numerous brands as the original character of Disney both in name and in reality. Examples include Gucci, ZARA, and MLB.
In this collaboration between Coach and Mickey Mouse, an illustration of Keith Haring was added, and it felt more special. That bag that looks like Mickey Mouse’s ears is so cute, isn’t it?

Cartoon characters are no longer trapped inside the TV.
In harmony with the various fashion products we wear in our daily life,
it is cute and plays a role in reminiscent of precious memories that are located in the corner of our hearts.
What kind of characters are there by your side right now?


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